Anavar is a great steroid that has many benefits associated with it. You can add it with another steroid and use it as a stack to get multiple benefits out of it. You may also use it as a cutting cycle for fat reduction and muscle generation. Anavar is a mild steroid when it comes to the effects and this is the reason it is stacked so that it can be made powerful in the result needed. It is easily tolerated by the regular users such as body builders and athletes and therefore, it is mainly used by the beginners who do not have the ability to consume steroids otherwise. However, this is completely dependent on the body type they dawn. You can get the guide to cycle Anavar only to know all about its effects.

Usage among gender

Anavar is used by both males and females to get the best results possible. In fact, it is majorly used by women as it does not have that strong feel to it like other steroids. However, the dosage can be different for all users. This is so because each body type is different from the other. This determines the quantity and the frequency of the quantity for all users to be as effective as they desire. This brand is known for many reasons but the major ones can be categorized as four. These are mentioned in the guide to cycle Anavar only as well. But let us look at them once again.

  • Most steroids are toxic in nature, but Anavar is not.
  • Unlike all steroids Anavar is not Androgenic
  • It has a few mild anabolic effects
  • It is considered as gentle on the Hypothalamic Testicular Pituitary Axis (HTPA)

All such points makeAnavar distinct from the other steroids and helpful to all the users. But there are many myths and misconceptions associated with Anavar. Let us look at them in detail.

Since we all know that Anavar is a mild steroid it is less effective on the liver being an oral steroid. Other oral steroids affect the liver in many ways and make it less productive. Anavar is one of the mildest steroid available in the market. Men can easily consume 80 mg daily with least side effects on the body while in other steroids this dosage may harm their body in a major way. This is main reason for the steroid to be popular among female athletes. The effect of Anavar is very mild and this is the reason the users need to consume a higher dosage of the steroid to see some effect in their body. Most men consume more than 100 mg daily due to this effect. But this is for those who use Anavar only. However, for women it is 10 mg per day only even with Anavar only cycle. Most steroids are androgenic in nature which causes sex characteristic changes in women. Therefore, Anavar is more preferred by women as it has very less androgenic effects and also does not cause water retention in the muscles.