Andaman is a beauty of a place and requires a lot of planning in terms of budget to visit. While a lot of travel websites can confuse you with their deals, if you want a sorted out plan with attention to every detail and package visit It is the ideal place to look up before you start planning for your Andaman tour. The islands are located on the Indian Ocean known for its tranquil beaches which have some very popular sunset points.

Following is a list of places in Andaman that every nature lover must visit.

Gorgeous Places in the Andaman Islands for Nature lovers

  1. Havelock Islands

To the east of Great Andaman lies a chain of islands known as the Havelock. Arguably the largest chain of islands in the Andaman, the Havelock islands are known for their pristine beaches and beautiful sunset viewpoints.  Must visit for nature lovers is the Elephant Beach, Radhanagar Beach and Laxmanpur Beach known for the white sand and breathtaking view. Since Havelock is one of the most significant tourist destinations the website will provide you with all the details required to start planning your trip. 

  1. Baratang Island

Located in between middle and south Andaman the Baratang Island is an ideal place for nature lovers who also do not mind a little bit of adventure. With Volcanoes, forests,and caves this island gives you massive travel goals. The limestone caves are a popular tourist destination and can be reached on a speedboat or a ferry. The breathtaking blue of the Ocean is enough to melt your heart if you are a nature lover.

  1. Port Blair

The capital of Andaman has a lot to offer to its tourists. Located in South Andaman, Port Blair is known for its white sand beaches and breathtaking panoramic view of the Indian Ocean. Enjoy a quiet walk with your partner and bask in the glory of the setting sun. Undoubtedly one of the best places to go to if you are looking for some enthralling experience on your trip.

  1. Neil Island

Neil Islands are also one of the famous groups of theisland in the South Andaman. With a long uncrowded beach, this place is ideal if you are looking for some tranquil peace. Enjoy the beauty of the ocean enhanced by the natural flora and fauna for a memorable experience.

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