Electrical appliances are an essential requirement nowadays. Since most of the people are from the working class, it becomes hard to accomplish home-based jobs by manual methods. Hence, automation seems to be an inevitable option. The washing machine is such an appliance that simplifies the laundry job for you – looking for best semi automatic washing machine or a fully automatic one is a separate question.

However, the list of appliances is not restricted to a washing machine but it includes televisions, air conditioners, mixer grinders, fans, and so on. Therefore, purchasing energy-efficient appliances seems to be an inevitable situation. Here, we will be sharing the benefits of energy-efficient washing machines that make them worth purchasing.

Saves Water

People are generally not concerned about the consumption of water. Water is the most precious resource that must be persevered and rejuvenated. High-efficiency washing machines are intelligent enough to use a minimal amount of water.

Since the loads are reduced, water consumption is automatically reduced. Most of these washing machines use 50% less water for washing purpose. The wash cycles are comparatively higher in energy-efficient washing machines. This aids in the extra removal of water and hence, the duration of the drying cycle is also reduced.

Gentle Washing

Most of the high-efficiency energy-efficient washing machines don’t use central agitator that is responsible for creating high-frictional and powerful movements. Hence, energy consumption is significantly reduced.

Instead of using an agitator, these washing machines spin the clothes in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions so that they rub against each other. This way, the gentle movements ensure that the fabric is not damaged.

Though these washing machines take more time to remove filth and stains, your clothes are not subjected to damage. Thus, the shelf life of your clothes is increased.

Larger Capacity

The washing machines integrated with a central agitator offer less capacity for the spin cycle. On the other hand, the energy-efficient washing machines do not have an agitator. This is a favorable factor because the capacity of the washing machines is enhanced. Therefore, you can wash more clothes in a particular washing cycle. This will reduce the washing loads saving precious time and water.

Moreover, the absence of agitator may facilitate areduction in the dimensions of the washing machine. In the case of front-loading washing machines, the dryer is placed on the top.

Less Energy Consumption

The ultimate aim of energy-efficient washing machines is to save energy. While energy ratings render the information regarding theefficiency of the appliance, customizable settings are beneficial in improvising performance.

The energy-efficient washing machines save around 30-50% of the energy consumed by conventional washing machines. According to the load, you can adjust the spin cycle. Hence, you can save time, energy, and water in the process.

Using high-efficiency and energy-efficient washing machines assist in saving electricity and water. Indirectly, it helps in preserving our natural resources as well. This is because electricity is drawn from natural resources and water is also a natural resource.

Most of the online retail stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Tata Cliq, Croma, and others have listed energy-efficient washing machines on their portal.