Visiting the KampungArab in Indonesia can be such a very excellent idea that you have to do for real. The reason why you have to come to Kampung Arab (Arabic village) when you have a leisure time is because it can offer you the notable exciting experiences. On the other words, the Arabic villages in Indonesia will be able to give you the best excitements and knowledge about the Arabic cultures that are lived by the people there. Yet, do you really know which the best Arabic village in Indonesia that you have to visit to get that exciting impression? Well, let’s check them out below!

It is so much recommended for you to go to these places mainly if you talk about the best Kampung Arab in Indonesia that can offer you the awesome exciting experiences.

  • The Kampung Arab Pekalongan (The Arabic Village in Pekalongan)

One of the best Arabic villages that can make you get the exciting experiences is the Kampung Arab Pekalongan. You can find this place in Sugihwaras Village, Pekalongan, and Center Java. When you spend your time in this place, you can find that all the people will be welcoming you so warm once you have entered the village. Even better, they will make you get involved in their traditions as well, such as JelajahBudaya Activity which is usually held in the Ramadhan month. This great activity will be focused on exploring the culture of the people there while waiting for the breakfasting time. So, it is clear that you can learn about the cultures and traditions of the Arabian community in the villages and finding some new friends at once.

  • The Embong Arab Malang (The Arabic Village in Malang)

Moreover, the other Arabic village that can be the best Kampung Arab in the country that you have to visit is the Embong Arab in Malang. The address of this village is on Kapten P. Tendean Street, Malang, East Java. When you visit this place, you will see that there are so many Arabian communities are busy doing their things. However, they will actually greet and welcome you so kindly every time you come and explore the village. Aside of that, the best thing about the Arabian village is that it has so many stores that can offer you the many various things to choose, which can be like perfumes, palm fruits, praying stuff, and so many more still. Even better, all of them are available for you at the affordable prices that you can reach so easily. In addition, there are also some Arabic themed restaurants that can be the excellent place where you find the delicious Arabian food and drink that you like very much.

Thus, those are some of the best KampungArab in Indonesia that can really give you the unforgettable exciting experiences. So, in case you want to get all of the excitements they can offer to you, it will always be a very incredible thing for you to add them to your list of places you have to visit for your holiday.