Samsung has very recently launched the J7 Prime in India and it is sold for a price of Rs 18880, this is among the highly desired new phones in the market. The J7 Prime has a couple of new features which is the S Secure and S Power Planning. The S Secure can be termed a secure app and it has a secure Wi-Fi, lock and hide apps option and secure folder. The S Power feature is a battery saving system and it aids in battery preservation when the charge output of the phone is low.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is an upgraded variant of Galaxy J7 and this phone has a fingerprint sensor. The J7 Prime is an advancement over the J7, and it is interesting to do a comparison between the two phones. Let us explore.

Design and Display:


Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime has a splendid unibody design, and it has a rigid build structure, and it has a 2.5D curved glass that defines the professionalism in design and this is the feature that adds impeccable layers of style to the phone. On the top there is a camera lens, and on the left is the SIM compartment, and there is also SD card compartment and various volume buttons placed close to each other. The J7 Prime has a vibrant full HD 5.5-inch display and the viewing angles are great and super crisp.


The Galaxy J7 flaunts a neat design and it looks sleek to the core visible on the round edges and the handling effect of the phone is smooth as well. At the rear there is a removable back panel and here there is a physical home button along with back functions and soft keys mapped to options. On the right is a power button and on the left is volume rocker, beneath the back panel there is a micro SD card slot, dual SIM card slot and removable battery.

The Galaxy J7 is engineered with a 5.5-inch HD display with a resolution power of 1280×720 pixels. The viewing angles are superb and the color quality is phenomenal and the visibility effect is good under peak sunlight. This is a good phone for people who are enjoy watching movies and for those who are into gaming.



Samsung J7 Prime is engineered with an octa-core processor and it has 16GB internal storage and 3GB RAM. The phone can expand to a maximum limit of 256GB with the aid of micro SD card. Users with first-hand experience with the phone have discovered the apps open immediately and the phone functions smoothly even when many apps run simultaneously.

Samsung Galaxy J7 is engineered with an efficient 1.6GHz octa-core processor and it has 2GB RAM. The internal storage capacity is 16GB and it can extend to a maximum limit of 128GB with the help of microSD card. Users have enjoyed using this phone and found that there was minimal room for lag, and this is a great phone for people who enjoy playing games.

Operating system:


Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime runs on an advanced Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system, the phone is packed with high-end apps and one of it is Microsoft apps which are preinstalled Skype and Office, and users have the option of deleting Microsoft apps if they want to. On the bottom of display there are icons for browser, messages, contacts and dialer and on the right there is an app drawer. There is a quick settings panel that has tabs for flight mode, power saving, torch, cellular data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and so on.

Galaxy J7 is built with a potent Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system and it offers a powerful user friendly interface. The phone functions smoothly with minimal room for lag, contributed by the presence of app drawer. Consumers can create folders as well to sort apps in separate compartments such as productivity and multimedia. There is a S-bike mode and when this feature is one the phone will automatically enter the mute mode and it will send a text to caller to call at a later period. This S-bike Mode also enables users to focus on the road while driving.



Galaxy J7 Prime is engineered with 8MP front camera and 13MP rear camera and it has f/1.9 aperture along with LED flash. Users who have captured images on the J7 Prime have found the quality of image to be good in indoor lighting circumstances and the color output is impressive. For people who enjoy taking endless selfies the front 8MP shooter is good.

Samsung Galaxy J7 has a 5MP front camera that is good for capturing selfies and a rear 13MP shooter that has LED flash. The quality of image captured in good and so is the crispness of the pictures. The quality of image produced by the 5MP camera was good in low light scenarios and this is contributed by the presence of front facing flash.

Battery and Price

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is engineered with a robust 3300mAh battery and the J7 runs on an efficient 3300mAh charge. Galaxy J7 Prime is sold at Rs 18880 and the J7 is sold at Rs 15590.


The Galaxy J7 Prime and J7 have great designs, but the J7 Prime has a design edge over J7 contributed by the presence of 2.5D curved glass. Display wise, the two phones are equally powerful and for those who are keen on marvelous viewing experience, both these devises are equally spectacular. J7 Prime has a superior processor and internal memory power compared to J7 and both phones have equally robust operating systems. J7 Prime is engineered with superior camera technology and with regard to battery, both phones are equally powerful.

Now the interesting topic of discussion, which is a better phone to pick, the J7 Prime or J7, the J7 Prime has more advanced features compared to J7 and is hence a better phone to choose for the price offered. It is the more innovative design, camera, processor and internal storage power that makes the J7 Prime a better phone to buy.