Anabolic Steroids are available in both physical and online stores. Most people, however, prefer to buy Legal Steroids Online, because, online dealers offer discounts and offers to their customers, hence it is cheaper, a wide variety is available and they will be delivered to their doorstep. Buyers are on the other hand, at a huge risk of getting scammed. The following guidelines will help you escape the trap of scams.

Research on the website: It is important to know the website you are about to purchase from. What is their business name? When was it started? Contacts, are they accredited? If any of the above is not clear, then be careful you might lose your cash.

What are the prices? We all want the best deals in terms of prices, but cheap is always expensive. Run away from websites offering too cheap to be true prices. Some cheap websites end up adding hidden charges to increase the prices or they are a scam.

Seek testimonials: Satisfied customers always give ratings and good reviews, if you cannot see any testimonials on the website, then it might mean they are not doing a good Some companies create false testimonials, be keen note such lies.

Customer support system: A legal online store will have a good communication system where customer questions, complaints and other concerns are taken care of. If you cannot trace any good service, it’s a scam! You can test the level of customer service by asking a few questions before making your order.

Money back guarantees: What happens if the steroid does not give the expected results? The company you are about to buy from should guarantee that if the product does not work as per the description given, they will give you cash back after returning it.

Online payment options: A number of payment options are offered by online stores. Be wise on the information you give out. Your pins remain a top secret. They include:

Credit cards: A good number of online sites allow customers to pay using their credit cards. Your Visa, MasterCard and American express will work. Check if the type of the credit card you have is acceptable before placing an order.

PayPal: Other websites allow use of PayPal accounts which is easy and fast. You can also use PayPal to pay if you do not want to give out your credit card number to strangers you met online.

Electronic check: Although not common, some sellers allow the use of electronic check. Since you will be required to give your checking account details, ensure that the site offer safe checkout.

If you are new to the world of anabolic steroids, take time and talk to experienced steroid users on the steroid you want to use. Go through reviews by previous users to be sure that it works. It is also important to see what other users are saying about online sites, you will be able to choose the best rated lowering the possibility of being scammed. Steroid forums will aid you with all details on steroids and online stores.

Next time be more careful, in case you're not going to be scammed by Trade-24 . Use my bad experience, not your funds.