Psychometric tests are designed to check the mental ability and personality of the applicants for a particular profile. There are different types of Psychometric tests available in the market, which helps in assessing the personality and values of the candidates who have applied for a particular job in your company.

You can check the personality of the candidate while using the test as it helps in making the right decision during the recruitment process. The personality test is basically a brief idea how an individual will connect with the office environment or with the people around them.

A  psychometric test assessment can be designed as per your requirement, it means if you want to check the technical aspect of the candidates, especially when you are hiring for a technical profile, you can get it designed accordingly. If you are hiring a person for a sales profile then you need to check the personality of the candidate and how the candidate will react in a particular situation or under pressure situation.

Use of Psychometric tests:

The tests are used at two different stages in the organization one of the recruitment phase and secondly at the training period.

  • Selection: The psychometric tests used at the time of the recruitment process help in selecting the best candidate for the organization and role.
  • Development: These tests are also used in the training program of the existing employees to understand their area of improvement and areas where they lack while performing a role.

Benefits of using Psychometric assessments:

  • The Psychometric tests help in saving the time of meeting every applicant individually.
  • You can shortlist the candidates on the basis of psychometric results and can meet the selected candidates personally.
  • The candidate can appear the test online so need to be physically present in the office to appear the test.
  • The result of the test can be downloaded, saved and shared with other managers who are involved in the recruitment process.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the HR Professionals or hiring managers is that they are not able to comprehend the result of the tests to make a final decision. If you are able to understand the test outcome properly, then only the assessment tool is useful for your business otherwise not. So the best solution available for the problem is to arrange a training program for the hiring managers before you start using it in the recruitment process in your organization.

There are various companies which provide assessment tools to the business owners. Their team members are highly qualified and trained to help and guide you in using the tests for the recruitment purpose.

The assessment tools are also useful at the time of appraisals. If you have two potential candidates for the next job level and you are confused which one is the best option. Then in such situations, you can conduct the test to get an idea about personality type and which one matches the next promoted designation perfectly.